Bartsch Wallpaper Designs from Design Bottega

Bartsch brings back into fashion the excellence of traditional crafts by designing chic and dreamy collections for children, with modern patterns and colors. Special care is devoted to the quality of materials, the color palette and the use of traditional craftsmanship to create a durable and elegant result.

Atelier Bartsch: unique and custom-made interior designs

Designs from the Atelier Bartsch are custom-made and adapted to each space, depending on its size, light, and spirit. Each pattern is hand-painted directly on the wall. You can see the gesture and the brush strokes; you can feel the texture of the material. You will never find the same pattern or the same texture twice. Each wall is a unique creation. Paints used by Atelier Bartsch are natural and non-toxic acrylic paints. They are washable and give the finish a matte, very opaque and powdered look.


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